People I love are moving away.  Soon.  I am really happy for them.  I am so sad for me. 

Here are some photos of the leaf pile the kids (minus Soph, who was at a friend’s house) raked and scattered for over an hour.  While we were out, a BIG wind came up, and it got kind of dark.  The boys gathered about twenty plastic grocery bags full of leaves and put them next to the house.  The next time we rake, they will add the twenty bags of leaves to the pile.  Better jumping, you know. 












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  1. kathryn

    When I was a kid, I fantasized about destroying a giant pile of leaves through play. The leaves don’t really drop in the fall here in Florida, so I never got to do that. But I always, always love seeing pictures of kids playing in piles – with their limbs and faces poking out.

    Sad about your neighbors – but LOVE the pics!

  2. Lin

    Fabulous pictures of the children (and autumn) and it is SO hard to say good-bye to friends. Much easier to be the one leaving. The anticipation of new adventures are what make moves exciting.

    Loved, loved, loved your posting about your big date, too. Feels good to leave the parenting stuff behind for a while, doesn’t it!?

  3. Jenijen

    Oh I wish it were the neighbors. Not that I don’t like them, I do, but it’s my little brother and his wonderful girlfriend. We have lived in the same places all our lives and I’m 35, he’s 32, so it’s going to be very difficult to see him go. It’s a great opportunity for them, though. They’ll be able to buy a house, and it’s a killer job for her. I will really miss them, though.

  4. Capello

    The leaves make GREAT compost the next spring, if you can stand them sitting in your backyard in trash bags rotting all winter (which I typically cannot).

    We also have a lot of raking to do — even though we got 15 bags from the front yard Sunday (sigh).

  5. jess

    Great leaf piles! Ditto on adding the leaves to your compost, if you have one.
    I hate goodbyes. But, when my sister moved away we actually became a little closer because our conversations became more brief, but more intimate.

  6. GraceD

    Thank you, dollin Jen, for posting this precious pastoral scene. You and your family make the suburbs look like a romp in the New England countryside.


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