I have some very important news to report:  I went out on a date with my husband to San Francisco to see this show, and I came home at 3 am, reeking of cigarettes and beer!  (I didn’t smoke at all, just was backstage, (I’m not above name dropping!) where there was lots of smoke.)  It is so good to know that I still have it in me to get out to a big city and have fun and stay up late.  Who knew?  It was wonderful to see everyone, though far too short a time to see them in.  (A preposition is a perfectly good thing to end a sentence with.)  My brother and his lovely girlfriend babysat for us.  Saturday I did stay home with the kids while John went to the second show.  I, uh, fell asleep before 9 pm with the girls, while the boys stayed up in the living room, laughing their asses off at this totally inappropriate film.  I used to be a responsible parent.  They wore me down.  Also, I forgot about the light saber penis thing and did you know that the f word can be in a PG rated movie?  Other words, too.  Ahem. 

Today we took the youngest three with us to visit friends in Oakland.  Alex stayed with a friend.  We had a really nice time with people I’d love to see lots more of.  There was great food and tea and conversation.  I need to get out more often.  I get so wrapped up in my little planet here that when something that shouldn’t really be that big of a deal ~ say, the fact that last weekend I caught up on the laundry and it is all washed and put away and I have kept that up for a whole week ~ makes me so happy, I feel like the heavens have opened and angels are singing and everything is wonderful.  Don’t get me wrong: it IS a miracle that I caught up on the laundry.  It’s a first.  But, I am bothered that doing so makes me so deliriously happy.  Something about that isn’t right.  I want to be that happy and excited over more happy and exciting things that aren’t chores. 

I have made this cake twice.  Today I took it to the party, and I think that everyone really liked it.  Either that, or people were being extra nice to me because I have the worst kind of cystic acne thing on the end of my nose.  Nate and I stayed in and played cards and did some sewing while everyone else went for a hike.  I’m really really sleepy, so here are some pictures (yes, that is an anarchy patch on Willow’s dress. I got it a couple of years ago for Sophie, but the place seems in my quick googling to be no more).  Hope everyone else had a great weekend.  Go visit Gwendolyn and Daisy and leave them comments about their adorable new babies!








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  1. mamadaisy

    i’m so flattered you mentioned my sweet babe!

    and by the way, music and theater and having a life are great and wonderful things, but completely catching up on the laundry really is divine. i can’t see my kitchen table at the moment for all the laundry piled on top.

  2. elayne

    You’re so damn pretty. You remind me of someone famous but at the moment I can’t think who. But anyway I suppose this is one of those “don’t hate Jen because she’s beautiful” moments, eh? ::smooches::

  3. capello

    HEY! There’s nothing wrong with being happy about getting laundry done and put away.

    If I was no longer allowed to be happy about that, I would have very few blissful moments in my life.


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