We had a little weather yesterday.  If the new washer and dryer are delivered tomorrow, I will test them out with the clothes that got so muddy on our walk through the neighborhood. 

I talked to my dad just before his father’s funeral service. Most of my extended family was there, in Texas.  I couldn’t make the trip, so my little family and I took down the tree and packed away the decorations.  I snuck under the covers to cry a few times, too, but each time I was jumped on and tickled by someone little and reminded that I need to be with them, not sniveling in my bed. 

We finally got the washer and dryer thing figured out, so of course today the van wouldn’t start when I needed it to bring me home.  Hopefully it is the battery.  Maybe the alternator.  I seem to be incapable of owning a car that just works.  I need to learn the lesson from that so I can have working cars.  Maybe that attitude is what has me stuck here, though.  I ought to go do the dishes and make sure the laundry area is as clean as it can be.  I want the new stuff to feel loved so it will work happily.  (Just don’t tell the dryer that my dream dryer is this one.)