We had a little weather yesterday.  If the new washer and dryer are delivered tomorrow, I will test them out with the clothes that got so muddy on our walk through the neighborhood. 

I talked to my dad just before his father’s funeral service. Most of my extended family was there, in Texas.  I couldn’t make the trip, so my little family and I took down the tree and packed away the decorations.  I snuck under the covers to cry a few times, too, but each time I was jumped on and tickled by someone little and reminded that I need to be with them, not sniveling in my bed. 

We finally got the washer and dryer thing figured out, so of course today the van wouldn’t start when I needed it to bring me home.  Hopefully it is the battery.  Maybe the alternator.  I seem to be incapable of owning a car that just works.  I need to learn the lesson from that so I can have working cars.  Maybe that attitude is what has me stuck here, though.  I ought to go do the dishes and make sure the laundry area is as clean as it can be.  I want the new stuff to feel loved so it will work happily.  (Just don’t tell the dryer that my dream dryer is this one.)

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  1. TitanKT

    You all look so happy. I always love your pictures.

    A few years ago I bought myself a brand new washer and dryer with my tax refund. I remember being SO THRILLED and then immediately thinking how OLD I’d become getting all geeked out over a washer and dryer.

    I’m even older now… I get geeked out over ice.

  2. Dixie

    Nice washer and dryer! Use them in good health and few grass and blood stains.

    That obit for your grandfather made me get all teary. The more I read about him the more I think he must have been just the grooviest guy. He sounds like the sort of old gentleman I would have adored talking to for hours.


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