channeling my inner amazon

I spent a couple hours in the front yard this afternoon sawing up this tree:


Those branches are bigger than they look.  And also, the saw I used was about an inch and a half wide and maybe fourteen inches long.

A woman from down the street saw me sawing away, announced that I’d NEVER get that tree cut up, and offered to send her husband and his chain saw over later on.  I took her up on it, then slowly realized (with great horror) that she was one half of the people who have the bumper sticker that I so want to vandalize.  It is an anti gay marriage little slice of hate, slapped on the back of their jeep.  I knew I could never live with myself if I let him help me out, so I did it myself.   

It took forever and I can already feel it all over.  When I came in I
was still feeling burly, so I waxed my eyebrows before I took a shower.

I have to go drop the big kids off with their dad and then come home and do more laundry.  I am in love with those machines.  Really. 

8 thoughts on “channeling my inner amazon

  1. Jenijen


    Really I was sawing up branches that fell from a big tree that isn’t in the frame. That little tree in the yard ended up falling over, too, so I also took it out because it wasn’t going to make it once the trunk broke. I had to get all those heavy branches cleared so that our fence can be repaired, and John was working until well after 9 pm last night, and will be again tonight. So, I just did it. And holy moses am I ever sore this morning!

  2. TitanKT

    Well, I’m glad to know that. It didn’t fit somehow that you would just saw down trees. I knew there had to be a good reason for that.

    I know it does feel good when your hard work accomplishes something.

    And, hehehe, I guess it is a good thing you did the eyebrow waxing before you go too sore, huh!? LOL!

  3. Jenijen

    YES! All I need is my Blue Ox, Babe, and we can go make mountains and valleys and clear cut through the white house!! We will plant tiny democrats in the rubble.


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