A swift kick in the pants

It's after midnight and I'm getting the kids' new printer set up (finally) so I can type and print and then glue to a posterboard the narrative for a kinda storyboard thing Nate is working on.  Usually, my kids do their own projects, and it shows, but it SHOULD and someday when their fine motor skills improve and their stuff looks better they'll feel great about their progress.


I'm reminded of times when I was a kid, doing that hunt-and-peck typing (and, most likely, long and drawn out sighing), and getting on my mom's last nerve (she was a legal secretary and could type several thousand words a minute).  When she just Could. Not. Stand. It. anymore, she'd beg me to give her the paper so she could just type it for me already and get it done with.  Or maybe I just begged her to do it for me.  It's a little cloudy.

This is reminding me of that, a little bit.  Only in this case, the only reason Nate didn't do his own typing is because I didn't get the printer set up in time.  I gave it a try, but the only cable that came with it wasn't really an ethernet cable, it was more of a phone jack cable thing and that just didn't work when plugged into the wireless router.  And, because I'm a dork, I DID know that the printer had no cables with it.  I knew that back in December before it even arrived from my dad as a Christmas gift for the kids.  Don't worry, Dad, I said, I will pick up a cable.


I hate it when my own kids say Don't worry, because I know that it means that I should.  And now I see that they get that from me.  Awesome!

And so I called SG to gripe and whine and he was all, Baby, I've got an ethernet cable and I've got a USB cord.  Want me to bring them over?  And even though I knew he'd been at work all day, and then gone to two night classes after that, I said YES.  YES I WANT CABLES.  BRING THEM OVER, KTHXBYE

So he came over around 11, bringing me not only the cord and the cable, but also an ice cold bottle of Patron because he could tell over the phone that I was a wee bit stressed.  And then, he said I was pretty, even though I was wearing my red flannel cowboy pajama bottoms and a blue tshirt and had been up since 5:30.  So even though right now life can be hard, really I'm spoiled and lucky.  Now if I can just get this damn printer software to load, I might get a tiny bit of sleep before I have to go to work.

3 thoughts on “A swift kick in the pants

  1. furiousball

    I liked this post a lot, but I think it could have used some more rocket launchers, maybe a sexy double agent that wants to learn how to love again (she has flash backs of her father who was also a double agent and his dying words were “don’t forget to love someone… like me”), and maybe a car crash at the end that takes the life of the local high school’s college recruited quarter back who was just trying to make it out of this one horse town.

  2. Viellefemme

    Well, I STILL can type several thousand words per minute, but I am at the mercy of technology. I wouldn’t know an ethernet cable it if bit me in the ass. That fella of yours is sure some kind of wonderful……..you deserve him. And, he deserves you. It’s nice when things work out that, huh?


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