Grace In Small Things: 1 of 365

  1. Awesome lunch of leftover dinner made for me by my guy.
  2. Found my missing favorite hair pin.
  3. Sunshine.  Lots and lots of sunshine.
  4. Puppies!
  5. Listening to the inauguration on NPR while I drove to work, and honking and cheering along with other drivers on the freeway as Obama was sworn in (actually, that is a Big Thing, not a Small One).

I'm participating in Schmutzie's Grace In Small Things exercise, and hopefully I will find a minute or two every day to list some of all the many things I'm grateful for.

3 thoughts on “Grace In Small Things: 1 of 365

  1. jenijen

    You can TOTALLY have a puppy! They are at Connor’s house, but they aren’t even a week old yet, so you’ll have to wait. They’re Beagle and something – gah, I can’t remember. Beagle and SuperCute, I guess.

    Srsly? The kids would L O V E it if you took one. (And so would I!)


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