A long day of troublemaking

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I made a little photo album. If you look on the right hand side bar and click on the Hidden Villa link, you will see evidence of our wonderful hike and my crappy scanning skills.

The weather has cooled off and it may even rain. I love cool rainy days. Enough to live further north, probably.

My mom made a lovely Easter dinner! There were crepes with creamed spinach and mushrooms; tomatoes baked with garlic, breadcrumbs, herbs and parmesean; grilled asparagus with shaved asiago, and a dish that I can’t remember the name of that’s like a vegetable pot pie, only instead of a pie crust there is a dropped-biscut topping; asiago bread; soudough bread shaped like a rabbit; hot cross buns; honeybaked ham; crepes with nutella and peach jam for dessert. It was amazing. I ate and ate and ate while John chased the kids in the front yard. I didn’t even have to feel guilty about it, since I didn’t get to go back to bed after the 6:30 am egg call like he did. The EB was too kind to these children. They ended up with lots of chocolate and fun toys. Nathan recieved a knitting mushroom which has been lots of fun. He and Sophie are both sporting little bracelets. I taught the boys (and myself! hey!) how to finger knit. I am wearing the necklace that Nate made for me. Sophie took Lexy’s long finger knit chain and, well, sort of stuck it in her bottom so it would hang down like a tail. She was naked because she’s potty training and has much better luck without the underwear at this point. Lexy wants me to wash his chain, and we all laughed so hard that now she’s trying to put other things in her heinie. Lord help me. While I’m on the subject, early this morning she came to me in just a diaper with a plastic sword sticking out of the front. The hilt of the sword was in the diaper and the sword pointed up. “Look, mama,” she said, “I gots a peepee.” I am scarred for life, thanks very much.

3 thoughts on “A long day of troublemaking

  1. jenny

    I dont know how you can even continue with your day with Sophie around.. I would just sit there and laugh all.day.long. if that happened!

    I tried the Kagel! omgggggg.. it was sooo good. I’ll be making it a lot in the future. Thanks for posting it up!

  2. jenny

    I forgot to mention that I used regular butter instead of almond butter… where can i find almond butter? It wasn’t at ralph’s or vons…



  3. Jenijen

    I got mine at Trader Joe’s, and they also sell it at Whole Foods and other hippy marts. It’s made from just ground almonds.


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