Girl’s Night In

I should go put the boys to bed. The girls are sleeping–Soph on my lap. John is up in San Francisco with M at a show (someday I’ll go, too!) so Willow and I had a couple of hours together while the big kids went to visit their dad. My littlest girl and I went to Whole Foods for a couple of items. We came home and ate chunky chickpea guacamole in piata bread for dinner. Then we took a bath and I washed her sweet little fluffy hair and drank my soy latte from Whole Foods. After that I dressed her in a long sleeved white cotton onesie that once belonged to Lexy. It’s almost too small. Then we came back here and I drank a beer!!!! and read blogs while she nursed to sleep. When I knew the kids would be home soon, I put a lantern with a lit candle on the porch so they could see their way in since the porch light is burned out. They thought that was really cool.

Time to read a little Harry Potter.

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