another saturday night

Every day lately I get up, hit the ground running, and don’t stop until I accidentally fall asleep at night.  I say accidentally, because it seems like I end up laying down with the girls to read them a story and cuddle with them while they fall asleep, fully intending to get up and get more stuff done, only to wake up to a new day.  A new day of running.

The kids are waiting for me to get my pajamas on and watch movies with them.  Willow wants Cinderella, Nathan wants X-Men.  I hear a glass of wine calling to me.

2 thoughts on “another saturday night

  1. autumn

    i usually end up crying during story time with my son. i yawn so much during reading that my eyes fill up. i think i need to start drinking like seven soy lattes a night.

  2. jenijen

    I know just what you mean with the eye watering. Have you ever been reading aloud and falling asleep at the same time and then you are no longer reading the book but reciting a grocery list or narrating your dream and your kids say, “MOM! that’s NOT what it says in the book!”?

    Soy latte sounding v.good at the moment.


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