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I’m in the hotel lobby, sitting near some glass-paned french doors, looking out at a beautiful, but empty, courtyard.  A couple of hours ago, 22 of my family members were out there saying goodbye and taking pictures.  My camera was in my room, so I didn’t get any. 

I’m feeling a little lot sad right now.   The visit was too short, and there were so many of us I feel like I didn’t get to see anyone.  It’s funny, I have a camera full of pictures of things from this trip, but not so many of people.  I did get family pictures, but not as many.  Usually I’m having such a good time catching up and debating (family hobby) with everyone that I don’t want to break the momentum with my camera.  Doorknobs don’t really care if you photograph them. 

Everyone who was still in town met this morning for breakfast.  It was fun and sad and nice all at once.  My cousin, who is 23 and talented beyond belief and so gorgeous it’s silly, is coming to get me and take me first to yoga and then to the airport.   Of course, I clearly remember her as a cute little baby and it’s odd that she took me out to see downtown Austin on a Saturday night.  Not odd in any bad way, but odd in that time flies sorta way.  Odd in that my kids are going to be adults before too long way.   

Time for me to pack it up.  I’m ready to be home, but sad to go there, too.

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  1. Marsha

    Safe travels. Your photos are lovely, I especially enjoy your love of color and the perfect crispness. I think I am going to start noticing door knobs now!


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