Now that I’ve done it two whole days in a row, getting up at 5:15 to go to a 6 a.m. yoga class doesn’t seem all that horrible.  If I can stick to my plan, I’ll be able to go nearly every weekday morning until school starts again toward the end of August.  It’s hard work, reminding this body of mine about flexibility and strength after not doing much of anything physical this whole entire year and having a couple of surgeries.  This morning I made the fatal error of looking at myself head-on in the mirror while in puppy pose.  I have had four kids and I’m over 40, so I will be kind to myself and say that I am rockin some voluptuous curvy hips in relation to the rest of my five foot and three quarters of an inch frame.
I had to ground one of my kids until next Monday.  I wasn’t ever really grounded as a kid, and I’ve not used that punishment much at all with my kids either.  Until it occurred to me that I wasn’t grounded because I was exceptionally well-behaved (heh) and didn’t earn any punishments like that.  My children, on the other hand, are more bold than I ever was.  It’s always the mouth that gets them into trouble.  In this case, the trouble was mouthing off, LOUDLY, about the neighbor, while basically standing right outside his open bedroom window where he happened to be.  I’m horrified, and am so dreading seeing him ever, ever again.  And, I know he heard, because I heard him talking about it with his girlfriend at 1 a.m. through the open window.  (So, Jen, why don’t you BLOG about it and maybe he’ll somehow stumble upon THAT?  Cause that wouldn’t make things more awkward at all!)  I know my kid *knows* better and what happened happened because he was showing off to his friends, but, honestly — who stands outside someone’s house and talks in a loud voice about how they think that person is having a midlife crisis because of the automobile they drive, and then talks even more inappropriate smack?  My kid.  My kid who’s gonna spend the rest of this week cleaning, that’s who.  
**Updated to add:  Now he’s standing outside with his friends talking about how unfair it is that I grounded him, not realizing that I can hear him.  You know who else can hear if he’s home.  The neighbor.  🙂

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