Better late

If your name starts with a K and I owe you a birthday gift, don’t click on the "continue reading" link.  Otherwise, click to see what I FINALLY finished making today.



The light is not great, since I of course finished late at night.  But, I think the colors match her kitchen well.  The bias tape on nearly every edge was a humongous pain in the ass.  I didn’t get it right in two places, which you can see in the photos.  See where the seams on the top and bottom stick out a little?  Oh well.  I redid them a few times each, and I just wasn’t getting it.  I am proud of the bottom edging, though, since I’ve never even had to encase a seam before.  I just figured it out as I went.   I feel horrible since her birthday was in August.  She knows me very well, though, and more importantly, she knows my children.  I think she’ll understand.  Now she just has to host a cocktail party or something because this is a hostess apron.  And, uh, she had best not stain it.  Hours.  Hours of my life devoted to that apron!!

7 thoughts on “Better late

  1. Darya

    OH MY GOD!
    I want one now so badly although I host once ina blue moon. I wish I had some carft inclined friends that knew me. I bet it is never getting soiled EVER! 🙂
    Love you, love your blog.

  2. supa

    That is so awesome!! It looks fantastic, it really does. I’ve never done bias tape before but i imagine it’s not easy. Plus curved hems, pockets, my goodness.

    Also, I am in love with the whole vintage apron thing. In LOVE.

    Nice work.

  3. julia

    Um, I guess I should have said that I see a lot of vintage apron patterns, but the style is an unsual one (in the details) from what I normally see. Your friend is lucky!

  4. Jen

    The pattern is a modern one, I think I found it on the Tie One On website (?) It’s McCalls #3979, American Hostess.

    And thanks so much for all the wonderful comments! Makes me feel better about giving it to her so very very late.


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