24 hours ago

we were still in the emergency room with Miss Willow.  She is fine.  Last night around ten or so while we were watching Oh Brother Where Art Thou? she woke up.  Generally, I let her cry it out for a few and she goes back down.  But last night, John said that maybe we should check on her.  She was sitting up in the dark, gasping to breathe.  She sounded like she was breathing through oatmeal.  I figured it was croup, since she’s had it before, but she was really struggling, and it wasn’t so dramatic last time around.  I took her on the front porch for the cold night air *that one is not a myth* while John got dressed, and something about her panic made me decide that we had to go to the hospital. (the big kids are with their dad this weekend)  John completely agreed, so I got dressed, fretted about the lovely impression my beer breath would make (so happy that John doesn’t drink) and off we went to the thankfully three minute away hospital.  The waiting room had exactly one person in it, and we went right in.

We had a competent but OHMYGOD cocky doc that I’ve had there before.  Willow got one mist inhaler thing of adrenaline, then one of water, then a dose of prednasone to help open up her throat.  She was so very scared of the hospital.  She cried and cried and cried.  Finally, one of the nurses brought in a tv with a video, and Willow stopped mid-shriek and smiled at me.  "I watch tee bee!"  she exclaimed.  And I said, "YES!  T!!!V!!!" and I was very grateful to the nurse, even though I know she did it because she didn’t want to hear any more crying. 

Once we were home, we both fell asleep in her bed.  Today she did fine and she’s asleep now, though she did wake up a couple of times already tonight.  I bought her a new cold mist humidifier when I got her rx filled this afternoon, so she’s propped up, steamy, medicated, and the window is open.  I hope that does the trick.  Last night scared me so much.  I hate that humans are so freakishly fragile.  Best not to think about that too much. 

I ordered two cds from amazon with some of my birthday money.  They finally came today.  I was SO SO SO happy when I saw them in the mailbox.  I guess that’s the upside of not mail ordering anything for awhile.  I got this one and this one.  Both are very much to my liking, and I will have to put them on cassette tomorrow so I can listen to them in the van.  Did you know that some cars (mine) have no cd player??  It is shocking yes, but true.  Also, the idea I had that John and I would give each other iPod Nanos for christmas??  I think we just spent that on adrenaline and prednasone.  Which is okay.  But, uh, I REALLY DESIRE an iPod nano.  Really.  I sorta daydream about it. 

8 thoughts on “24 hours ago

  1. mamadaisy

    What a scare! Poor little honey. I’m glad she’s ok. Nothing like gasping for air to send mom and dad into trauma mode. Hope she’s feeling better soon.

    Also… if you do get an ipod, you can get a little broadcasting attachment that let’s you play it on your car stereo — no cd player needed.

  2. Belinda

    Bless her heart–I’m glad you responded quickly and got it under control. Any chance of getting an updraft machine for home use? My husband has had one since he was a wee thing. Poor baby Willow.

  3. supa

    scary! glad she’s OK!

    totally get the nano. I already have a big clunky one but the wee little ones are so cute. And you can trick it out, too, like mamadaisy said.

  4. DixiePeach

    Yikes! Poor Willow! I hope that baby darlin’ is feeling better soon. You must have been scared out of your wits.

    I have an idea. You get the nano first. You know, just to give it a whirl. John gets his later on for, say, his birthday.

  5. Jen

    Miss Willow is fine now; thanks for checking on her.

    And Dixie, John’s birthday is in December, three weeks before Christmas!! For once, that would work out in his favor!

  6. jess

    That sucks. Big time. I totally know what you are going through. The best thing i ever did was buy a nebulizer for home use.

    You totally have to get a Nano. I demand it.


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