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I had a feeling when I took this photo that even though it looked clear on the viewscreen it was really a little blurry.  It is, but only if you look at it up close.  I’ll let you, if you are so inclined, draw your own conclusions about how that may or may not be a reflection of life in general or specifically. 

Today was one of those hit the ground running days, and it isn’t over yet.  Willow was violently barfy this morning, so she stayed home from preschool.  I worked in the morning, then took her over to the elementary school where I helped the kindergarteners with their clay project.  We went to a friend’s house after school (that’s her daisy above, and what the hell, below as well).


Then it was home for a very rushed supper and off to school again for family science night.  I bitched and moaned about how much I didn’t want to go (I think I was overheard to say that I’d rather be shot) but of course I was glad we went.  Sometimes I’m just like the children that way.

They ran around the school cafeteria with their buddies, doing fun science projects.  They made sidewalk chalk in dixie cups that I am praying will be usable in the morning.  Their wrath can be overpowering. 

There were bright spots in the day, but they were bookended with the whiney, screetchy, shrill bickering that makes me clench my jaw HARD and always gives me a stellar headache later on.  I did some laundry and appreciated my dryer sheets.  I have to close my eyes when I grab them off the shelf at the market, because they are ridiculously expensive.  But, you know what, they bring me weeks of happiness and if you look at it that way, they’re a bargain.  I currently am using lemon verbena.

I like that I’m making myself look for something beautiful every day.  It’s something I thought I always did, until I started to do it deliberately like this.  Some days it’s afternoon and I’ll be a crankpot over one thing or another and I’ll remember I need to find some sort of beauty.  It’s a good thing to do, and I think I’ll keep it up after the month ends. 

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  1. mamadaisy

    what a lovely idea — i might just have to join you for a month of searching for beauty. i’m sure it would be good for me. on some days one bright yellow flower can get you through an awful lot.

    hope you have an easier day tomorrow.


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