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It’s not quite midnight.  I’ve fallen asleep twice tonight already.  Willow’s been pretty sick and barfy and I’m tired. 

I could sleep until spring.

Today we had these cherry tomatoes and some watermelon.  Good watermelon.  And, I got a package from Laura with an awesome handmade pin cushion (Sophie broke the buttons off in less than a minute — but I found them and will fix it) and a new seam ripper (how did she know?) and lavender chocolate.  I had to hide that for now, because the girls were all hot for me to share it.  That’s what happens when you encourage your kids to share; they want to include you in that deal. 

Tomorrow I have some sewing to do, and I will be happily using my new gifts and sneaking bites of chocolate whenever I am forced to use that seam ripper.  Thanks Laura!



3 thoughts on “tomatoes

  1. capello

    what is it with kids and those pesky buttons? luckily, they are really easy to put back on, as long as you have a foot-long needle. do you have a foot-long needle?

    (if you do, i’m totally impressed. i started crying when i had to figure out how to put those stinkin’ buttons on.)


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