Not my planter guy, I love him. The gross will come soon.

I really like it that my boys are so moved by the story of The Velveteen Rabbit, and I’m grateful to my mom for saving the copy my parents gave me for Christmas when I was tiny.

Nate just got up and peed in the hall. Grrrrrr.

When he took his shoes off earlier I almost hurled. The stench. His tennies went into the washer, alone, for two cycles on hot (I never use hot) with lots of soap. His toenails looked yellow, so I thought he had some kind of fungus. Icky. I made him scrub his feet with a washcloth in the tub, but they still reeked. So, after his bath I held my breath and trimmed his nails. Then we got out some cottonballs and toner (the trader joe’s stuff I use on my face), and cleaned his feet some more. Then, much to his dismay, I slathered some Burt’s Bees coconut/peppermint foot cream on and put fresh socks over that. He decided that it felt very nice, so of course Lexy had to have some, too. The yellowness seems to be gone, so maybe it’s just his refusal to wear socks that is the problem. He will have to wear them now to see if it helps. At least the boys both have lovely smelling feet.

john just got home

2 thoughts on “Disgustingness

  1. santosha

    i’m betting it’s just foul little boy feet. jake refuses to wear socks as well and he isn’t fond of bathing, so you can just imagie how disgusting his feet smell. blech. it’s bad. i’m about to pitch the shoes he’s been wearing all summer b/c they are unsalvagable.

  2. shannon

    Well, the boys may be forever addicted to pedicures after this, but at least their feet have been salvaged from summer grossness. Even my Tevas were so damn skanky I looped them around the bottom rung of the pool ladder to chlorinate for an hour while we were swimming yesterday…


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