Last July


This is Willow last July; just a little bean. It’s hard to remember her like that. Didn’t she always yell, “Daddy Daddy Daddy!” whenever she heard the sound of the front door opening? Hasn’t she been toddling around for ages, pointing at trees and at the place in the sky where she last saw the moon? It’s weird how time seems to fly by but it’s hard to remember a life without her.

I’m sleepy and goofy. Hey! I cleaned out the van today. It was the dirtiest car ever ever in the history of things with wheels. Seriously.

Today we made it to the park for a short while. I huddled in the shade of an infant tree while Willow slept and Sophie wandered up to a stranger and told him that she was lost and her mama was in Toronto. The man crossed over to my little shady spot to give me the mother of the year award and ask if I had a daughter named Sophia. She needs one of those leashes. But then she’d drag me everywhere.

John’s friend M was over the other day while I was lamenting the fact that I had no Elton John albums and wondering what kind of childhood I was giving my children if they were going to grow up not knowing Rocket Man and Benny and the Jets. John and M went to Oakland to see a show and when John came home he brought me an Elton John cd that M bought me. Yay! So now Lexy sits slouched in the chair closest to the stereo speakers, listening to the same songs over and over while commenting that he’s too old to go to the park. He’s a teenager! The power of Elton John should not be underestimated.

For me the best thing was hearing Daniel. For some reason I had this great memory of riding in the back of my Grandmother’s (on my dad’s side) Chevy Nova hatchback on the way home from getting groceries in the summertime and laying on my back watching the telephone poles go past. All I could see were the phone poles and the blue sky. Nothing to do with the song and not a memory of anything, really, but for some reason it made me feel really good to go there again.

Quick, post before the computer dies! (And no, I wouldn’t put Sophie on a leash. It’s a joke. But, when the boys were younger and Sophie was five months old and I was planning a trip right after the air attacks where I was going to fly without another grown up, I did buy harnesses for the boys, because the airport logistics put fear into me. I didn’t use them, but the boys are forever walking each other or torturing stuffed animals with them. Sophie likes to wear it and pretend she is a dog. Okay, goodnight.)

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  1. jenny

    I have the same memory! Daniel playing softly thru the speakers of my dad’s Oldsmobile and laying in the back as he would drive to Los Angeles from Fresno late at night, watching the stars and street lights pass by… good times.

    i wonder what ever happened to that oldsmobile.


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