Don’t Count Your Eggs…

Don’t Count Your Eggs…
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Easter is my very most favorite holiday. I wonder if that has something to do with why I have four children?

The girls colored three 18-packs of eggs yesterday, and then the boys came in whining because they didn’t get to color any. (Never mind that they said they didn’t want to.) I wasn’t about to boil any more eggs, but I have a little hand held pumper thing that will empty out an egg shell through a single hole, and I told the boys they could color some empty shells. That was fun. Sometimes the air pressure built up in the egg and it squirted yolk all over me. And, sometimes the air pressure was just too much, which made a piece of the side of the egg fly off and hit me. In the end, the boys got a shell or two each to color, but I think their real enjoyment was watching me get covered in egg guts and hearing me curse about it.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Count Your Eggs…

  1. marian

    In the supermarket today I saw a woman buying two 18-packs of eggs and for a minute I couldn’t figure out what she was going to do with all of those. My son is almost 19 and we did no egg coloring this year. He went down to visit his grandparents, where he will probably hide eggs for all the little ones. But that great photo sure made me remember.

  2. shannon

    Can you believe my dear husbabd looked at me today when I was finishing uo some Easter prep and said…is it ok that I didn’t get anything for your basket? The foolish man is out rectifying the situation now. 🙂 His family didn’t do easter baskets for grown-ups but mine sure does! Oh, and I sent you something…hint: it’s for your new sewing macjhine…


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