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I know, I know, with the pictures lately. It’s just that this day (April 15)in 2003 was when Willow was due. She was born on February 25, but really, today is her third birthday in terms of her age from conception or however you’d call it. It seems like forever ago when she weighed four pounds and could fit into Sophie’s doll’s clothes. And now she weighs only two pounds less than Sophie and gets all excited when she sees a “w” in text. She shouts, “That’s my NAME!!” Sometimes she stands awkwardly and crosses her legs and says, “I making X!” And every time she does those kinds of things, those little kid things, I think about what a rough start she had and how great she’s doing. And I am finally letting myself do all the feeling and worrying that I just couldn’t bear to do when she was so tiny.

I guess when she’s six or so, I can finish flipping out about her having a seizure and going to the hospital in an ambulance.

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