egg smell

Paper_005I am a lucky girl!  Marsha in Japan was looking for the newest Lemony Snicket book and a couple of other things, so we made a trade.  Look what I got!  I gave her really vague ideas of what I wanted and she picked out stuff that I LOVE.  Really.  It makes me feel happy to look at it. 




Willow got a set of construction worker playmobile people when we went to her grandma’s for Thanksgiving.  The set was either John’s or his younger brother’s, which makes it about thirty years old.  It is so great!  I love the colors.  Last night Willow brought me one of the little men and a shovel.  She wanted me to make the man "hold shovel."  The man’s grip was a little loose for the shovel, so I picked up another man and let him hold the shovel.  Willow took the original man and the second man with the shovel and they had a little dialog:
man one: HEY! Dat MY shovel!  Gimme dat shovel! MINE!

man two:  NO! MINE SHOVEL!

And then the first little man violently grabbed the shovel away.  Heh.  Also, if you ask Willow, "why?" not attached to anything at all, just "why?" she immediately says, "because."

Sophie’s latest insult, directed at John when she woke him up Saturday morning by jumping on the bed: "You are egg-smell." 

You heard it here first.

5 thoughts on “egg smell

  1. capello

    Willow’s role playing is pretty good, especially considering Griffin is nearly four and all he does is “I’m a bad guy; I’m a good guy; let’s fight!”

    And I’m so jealous of all your prettys — have fun with those!

  2. Marsha

    I am so glad you liked it. There are so many choices I was worried. Thanks so much for plugging my blog. I had actual people come by and read my blog, how cool is that.

  3. Dixie

    That stationery is fabulous! I’d stare at it too!

    Willow. She never fails to crack me up. And I can never get enough of Sophie’s insults. “Egg smell”. It’s perfect.


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