Today my brother came by to say goodbye before he and his girlfriend move up to Portland.  I’m very sad, and very happy and excited for them.  At least it is within driving distance.  Well, kind of.  The kids were really excited to hear about Mt. Hood, and how there is snow there all year long.  Sophie immediately asked for "skaters for my feet and knit me a scarf" so she and her uncle could go skating.  She even asked if he’d hold her hand.  Can you believe that didn’t even make me cry?  I am in denial. 

Last night while I was reading to the girls at bedtime, Sophie (I was in the girls’ bed, between them) put both her hands on my cheeks and said, "Mama.  You are so beautiful.  You are not an alien."  Why is that SO funny to me?  I’m laughing *right now*

Does anyone get red wine migraines?  I had a little on Thanksgiving, maybe a glass and a half, and a couple of hours later I got a migraine that decided to hang out off and on until this morning.  Last night I took my last vicodin (left over from an ear infection a year or so ago) and it didn’t even help much.  Migraines are one of those things that I really just can’t get.  Because getting rid of it requires not only quiet, but quiet AND laying down in the dark for awhile.  Not happening.  At least this time my vision wasn’t affected.  I hate that pre-migraine visual disturbance thing, where you start seeing funny spots and you just know that very soon you will feel like someone is drilling through your skull with an electrified titanium jackhammer.  Talk about dread.

I have a sinkfull of dirty dishes waiting for me.  I don’t mind washing dishes.  They don’t sass me or freak out when water gets in their faces.

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  1. Penny Pressed

    I don’t get migraines (knock on wood), but my mother gets horrible ones from, among other things, red wine. (Also, spicy food, chocolate and MSG. And, I’m pretty certain, democrats.) Once she discovered these specifics and cut out those things, her migraines pretty much disappeared. I never thought I’d ever utter these words, but lay off the red wine!

  2. snakehairedgirl

    You know I just don’t comment enough over here. Sounds like the sulfites in the wine might have gotten to ya…yuck. Hope you don’t like red wine too much 🙁

    And I want to say that the picture of John that someone commented on–I’d say, yeah–absolutely gorgeous.

    Best to you.

  3. TitanKT

    I have two aunts who are allergic to the sulfites, sulfides? in red wine and both get the bad headache instantly from drinking even one glass. Back when I was younger I used to get migraines on the weekends when I failed to drink coffee and I remember how miserable those were… the nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. Yuck that is really bad. I do love red wine, but if it gave me migraines, I’d never drink it again.

  4. Mom

    Now that you mention it, I remember that Grandaddy (your father’s father) gets headaches from red wine. He said it was the tannin in the wine, but whatever it is, I guess it’s to be avoided. Bummer.

  5. capello

    But… you wouldn’t be beautiful if you were an alien?

    As for the wine – I’ve heard it both ways; it could be the sulfites or the tannin. And I personally HATE it when I get a migraine. I would have them for over a week (now that I think of it, I haven’t had one since I’ve been off gluten; knock on wood).

  6. jess

    Hi mom! Sorry about your brother … big hugs. As for the migraines i get one or two a year and tylenol3 w/codeine really works for me, but i love red wine so don’t take that from me.


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