et tu, monitor?

Hello.  John here to report that our monitor was found belly up last night.  It now occupies some unknown virtual afterlife.  This means, of course, that for the time being we have no computer access at home.  Good things come to those who wait.  Watch this space.

Edited to add:

Hey, John said as he left this morning that maybe the monitor would magically come to life again and it did!!  Not for long though, I’d guess with all the flickery activity.  Here are a couple of  recent pictures of Miss Willow



Now we are off in our new van (yay!) to pay the rent, visit the dmv (gulp), get a couple of goodies at Trader Joe’s, and go to the car wash.  Fun times!

Are you listening to Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers yet?  You have to.  Really.

Might not be around for awhile if this monitor goes out.  Maybe I’ll finish up those knitting projects and catch up on my Six Feet Under viewing. 

4 thoughts on “et tu, monitor?

  1. snakehairedgirl

    I love the look on her face. And the other pictures too. They’re gorgeous. All your kids are so beautiful!!

    And I’m still jealous you went to Blogher while I went to Arkansas!


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