My post was eaten.  Hear the big old typepad burp??

Just reporting that my stepdad took the van in for me to get two new tires and an alignment, then called to tell me that he was having new shocks and struts and cv boots put on with the tires, and the brakes done as well as the alignment.  Add two thousand bucks to the cost of the van. . . It’s still a bargain, but I feel kinda dumb now thinking we’d gotten such a great deal.  My age and experience don’t match my level of naiveness (I know that isn’t a word I’m using blogging license).  Maybe it’s my tendency to not think things through well. 

I can’t keep my eyes open.  I need to nap for twenty minutes or drink some iced tea.  Nap.  hahahahahahahahah right.

My monitor keeps flicking and clicking.  I know it is going to go out, because between the cost of replacing that and the cost of paying the tax on the new van, you get the amount I was planning to stash into the savings account this month.  Damn Murphy’s Law!

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  1. Jen

    Are you serious?? I don’t know if we need a new one yet, but if we do, I’d love to come up your way for a visit in my newish van!!

    We’ll talk, baby!

  2. shannon

    my english teacher mom would say, the word would be naiviete….but of course I don’t know for the life of me how to spell that correctly. *grin* Sorry the van is not behaving admirably.


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