Friday shuffle

I know.  I just did this.  But, but, but, it’s NEW!

  1. The Tennessee Waltz ~Hem
  2. December, 1999 ~ Jolie Holland
  3. Flying Shoes ~ Townes Van Zandt
  4. y. is here ~ Cat Power
  5. You’ve Got the Moon ~ Josh Ritter
  6. There Is A Kingdom ~ Nick Cave
  7. Give You My Lovin ~ Mazzy Star
  8. Pancho and Lefty ~ Townes Van Zandt
  9. Waiting ~ The Devlins
  10. Tennessee ~ Arrested Development

Weird symmetry. 

I just watched School of Rock with the boys.  It was SO funny we laughed until we cried.  Lex said, "What are the Ramones??"  Clearly I have work to do.

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