forehead measles

forehead measles
Originally uploaded by Jen and John.

I was changing Baby 0’s diaper after I got the girls out of the bath and Willow wandered in looking like this, compliments of Sophie. That was Friday and it’s still there. Click on the photo to see the rest of the job on my flickr page.

Like Baby O’s mom said, at least it wasn’t a sharpie.

5 thoughts on “forehead measles

  1. Daria

    Wow! Looking sweet. It will fade in time. Good thing they are only dots and no ‘words’ My cousin (older boy, but not by much) wrote some very naughty things on his younger sister about 5 years ago. Her mom scrubbed the poor girl raw. Sorry to say but the pics made my day.

  2. Lin

    Nice that Sophie and Willow seem to get along so well!

    With those gorgeous baby blues of Willow’s, though, suggest that next time a gorgeous shade of blue should be dotted upon her perfect skin.


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