future prince


John came home with a few bullfrog tadpoles.  They live on the porch. 

No phone throwing today.  Yet.  We have a couple of extra boys with us for the afternoon.  I asked everyone what they wanted for lunch and one of them said, "I’ll take some of those government waffles!"  Wow.  That would require a humongous plate.


5 thoughts on “future prince

  1. TitanKT

    What are government waffles? Is that like government cheese? That made me laugh.

    I just had a quick peek at your husband’s blog… wow, you really do have giant spiders living at your house on purpose, huh? That’s more fortitude than I have. You’re a champ!

    Do you think he would’ve been bummed that I killed the scorpion this morning? Well, I’m sorry… 🙂 He wasn’t here and I can’t handle scorpions in my bed. I let the wildlife outside live long and happy lives, though.

    In fact, there’s quite a large yellow and black garden spider living right outside my door. She’s been there for weeks now. She’s even reproduced… there’s a giant wad of web suspended in a corner close to her web. Any day now, we expect the arrival of hundreds of baby spiders! I hope they aren’t the kind that eat the mother… that’d be kinda… gross.

  2. still life

    Oh how fun, when I lived in Texas as a child we use to catch tadpoles in the creek and keep them in jars.
    I too am a tad curious about the government waffles…

  3. jess

    Aren’t bullfrogs bad? Destroying native frogs etc? Or is that just where I am – probably they are native to you. We are supposed to catch them and put them in the freezer to kill them. Way to gruesome for me. But, they are killing off all of the other frogs and that is a problem.

    I love frogs, especially the teeny tiny tree frogs in our yard.

  4. cmhl

    I’m fine with that type of thing, as long as I don’t have to touch them. yuckkkkk.

    and I love your play-doh in the other post! I need to make some of that too.. I love the way it smells..


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