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I made purple play dough.  It’s the easiest and cheapest way to make my kids happy.   

I lost my  temper and threw the telephone so hard that it came apart and the battery flew out.  I put it back together and it still works.  Sometimes it feels really great to do stuff like that.  That said, I think I need to go knit or cook or something relaxing.  Maybe switch to decaf. 

14 thoughts on “red + blue

  1. Marsha

    Hi this is my first time reading your blog. You are a wonderful writer.

    Sometimes when I make playdough I use a package of unsweetened Kool-aide for the color because it also adds a cool smell.

    I hope your day get better. I have been known to throw a thing or two myself.

  2. TitanKT

    Oh, I’m just so glad to know I’m not the only one who loses her temper. Hardly anyone ever talks about it… the losing of the temper. Especially if you’re a mom. Like you’re supposed to be the calm, reasonable, sweet, loving, nurturing mom every minute of every day no matter what. Uff, so unrealistic, but I felt like I was in some kind of temper losing closet. Now I’m out and the air is fresher out here! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mom

    uh, yeah, I think it’s genetic. The last time I lost my temper, I threw my wallet/checkbook at Dad! And it hit him…..hard. But, we made up. And he laughed at me when he decided it was safe to come out of the back bedroom.

  4. Annie

    My husband once threw a handful of cookie dough. Yes, it was better than throwing something breakable, but… well… COOKIE DOUGH. I mean, really.

    I myself have more expensive taste. If it’s electronic and has lots of parts that can come apart, then it is probably best to hide it from me when I’m in tantrum mode.

    Like a fellow commenter (um, not a word, is it?) above me, it does feel surprisingly nice to hear about someone else losing their sh*t every now and then too. Thanks for making me feel a little more normal. 😉

  5. jenijen

    Hey I didn’t even say why I threw the phone. It was because I was trying to make a doctor’s appt and I kept getting put on hold and having to hang up and call back due to diarreah (someone else’s, someone who “forgot” to go to the toilet)and I was interrupted for the “emergency” of nathan wanting to listen to elton john in the living room where lexy was watching shrek 2 and I just lost it the next time I was interrupted and I threw the phone, intentionally missing, but scaring the crap out of lexy, who was the low-ranking offender at the time. I also may have said (this will make you feel better about your own parenting) “fine, do want me to get sick and die or what?” Uh. Yeah, not a good choice of words. Especially given that their mom really has gotten sick and almost died before and they remember that. Good going! Jeez. Maybe I ought to rethink my decision to only drink wine or beer on the weekends. I never did make the appointment and guess what it is for??? To get MY TUBES REMOVED. Not tied, REMOVED.

    wow. I feel better now.

  6. elayne

    LOL! Jen, we really ARE channelling each other… I broke my phone by throwing it across the room yesterday afternoon. (By the way I haven’t updated you on that situation because the updates are flying in fast and furious, and I want to wait until there’s some stability. I made an appointment with an attorney today, though.)

    My buddy Trin has the greatest expression ever for losing one’s temper: “I chucked a mental all over the place.” I love it.

  7. TitanKT

    Hey, that’s a really good reason to lose your temper, if you ask me. It never even occurred to me to wonder, though. In other words, you’re entitled to lose your temper over any little thing… doesn’t matter to me, it’s completely justified no matter what. See? In the temper-losing club, there’s no judgement. Especially since I know I’m capable of losing my temper just because I’m hungry. Just that and I’ve been known to shout at my kid with very little provocation. So, I’m saying, you definitely had GOOD reason to throw the phone. Also, did you realize, that puts you on par with Russell Crowe? Heh. You’re better, though. At least you didn’t throw your phone AT anyone.

  8. Mar

    The last time I totally lost it with the kids, it was because all three kids were whining and crying louder and louder in abid to get my attention after along day. I calmly put down the baby, and the THREW MYSELF TO THE FLOOR SCREAMING HYSTERICALLY!

    The big kids stopped their incessant whining and crying of the moment and stared at me, mouths agape. I screamed: “I CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE! I NEED YOU KIDS TO HELP ME, NOT MAKE ME MORE CRAZY!!!”

    Gabe (then age four) stopped being a little brat immeadiately and was all concerned and helpful for the rest of the night.

    While I didn’t do it purposely to manipulate him, boy was it cool. (Insert evil cackle)

    I am a bad granola mom. Oh well.

  9. Suebob

    Man, I do that stuff and I don’t even HAVE kids…I cannot imagine. My excuse (lately) is peri-menopause, which as far as I can figure is code for “lunatic raving bitch.”

  10. still life

    my occupational therapist brought over playdo in order for me to work on exercising my grasp…roll it in a ball…flatten it out. well, i hadn’t been around it since childhood, and when i took off the lid and inhaled…it took all of my energy to not eat it! i love that smell.

  11. bballmom

    I’ve never read your blog before. But I will be back!!

    Any Mom who can talk about being angry enough to throw something is a hero im my book.

    YEAH, I’m not alone.


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