git packin’

I’m flying to Texas tomorrow at lunchtime.  I need to pack, clean the house, make a million phone calls, write down all the info about the kids’ school times and doctors and such, catch up on the laundry, update the ipod, lose ten pounds so I can fit into my shorts, and get some new sandals.  And a pedicure. 

Guess I’ll just clean and pack.  And charge the ipod. 

Before I come back, the new look ought to be up and running.  Same address, with added Supa Design!   Many thanks to MaryBeth for not hating me about the orange.  I won’t be posting while I’m away, but I’ll check email and come back with lots of pictures of cows and oil rigs.  Or something.

6 thoughts on “git packin’

  1. jenny

    ooh!! i love the new look. i’m jealous as my site really needs a new look.

    marian, i love that screaming sophie photo, too. Lucky for us, it’s on Jen’s About page!

  2. Belinda

    Yup, Mary Beth is da bomb. And Alex refuses to understand why I won’t let him name our current silver show-puppy “Supa.”

    Have a great trip, and hurry back!

  3. Eve

    oooo–i love the new design. i actually took a little quick intake–you know, when you see something that surprises and delights!! very nice.


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