Happy Birthday

to Sophie. She’s three now, but according to her she is “two-a-haff!!” We are having a party this weekend, so tonight it was just mac and cheese and broccoli for dinner (chili for Papa) and fresh strawberry bread with three candles for dessert. Sophie had John relight the candles and we sang to her about twenty five times. I kept the little candle stubs; they’re about a third of an inch long. How many dads do you know who would sit and relight birthday candles over and over and over? It was really sweet. She opened a couple of presents before dinner. After dinner she and I went out on to the porch to paint her nails. She was wearing a diaper and an apron and had filthy feet from playing outside. She painted her own nails. I watched her and remembered what I said to her when she was born; hello little Sophie, wanna paint your toenails?

(Remember, I had two boys before her.)

I’m way late putting the kids to bed, so off I go.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Rachael

    HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY SOPHIE! That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard on relighting the candles. I got all choked up (pregnancy hormones), what a great Daddy she has!
    Even though I am having a boy now, and against John’s will, i plan on painting his nails LOL. We used to paint my nephews and I loved it :).
    Take Care and I hope her party is a success!


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