Today while driving home from getting groceries I told Nate that I wanted to take a nap. He said,

Good, then you’ll have extra energy. Adults can have extra energy and not be hyper like kids.
Me: True. Some adults are hyper, though.
Nate: Well, yeah, if they drink wine and get all hypercrazy!

Sophie’s party was fun. I baked a blue cake with pink buttercream frosting and lots of cupcakes. She opened presents for a long time and came home with lots of pretty clothes, books, pink sandals (3 pair!), a princess apron and crown cookie cutter, a playmobile grocery counter, some care bears and lots of other treasures.

Of course, she is demanding that we do it again. Today!

School will be over this week, and *YAY* for that. I haven’t been online in ages, so I’m going to go catch up a bit. Next week we’re going to Canada for a couple of days. I may be scarce for a bit, but eventually I’ll have something more interesting to say and some new photos, eh. Anyone want to have lunch in Toronto?

One thought on “Hyper

  1. Rachael

    Nate is so funny! Too cute. Yeah, if I made out as well as Sophie did on my Birthday, I’d want to do it again too!
    Have fun on your trip!


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