Today while driving home from getting groceries I told Nate that I wanted to take a nap. He said,

Good, then you’ll have extra energy. Adults can have extra energy and not be hyper like kids.
Me: True. Some adults are hyper, though.
Nate: Well, yeah, if they drink wine and get all hypercrazy!

Sophie’s party was fun. I baked a blue cake with pink buttercream frosting and lots of cupcakes. She opened presents for a long time and came home with lots of pretty clothes, books, pink sandals (3 pair!), a princess apron and crown cookie cutter, a playmobile grocery counter, some care bears and lots of other treasures.

Of course, she is demanding that we do it again. Today!

School will be over this week, and *YAY* for that. I haven’t been online in ages, so I’m going to go catch up a bit. Next week we’re going to Canada for a couple of days. I may be scarce for a bit, but eventually I’ll have something more interesting to say and some new photos, eh. Anyone want to have lunch in Toronto?

1 thought on “Hyper

  1. Rachael

    Nate is so funny! Too cute. Yeah, if I made out as well as Sophie did on my Birthday, I’d want to do it again too!
    Have fun on your trip!


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