Hello, is Carl there?

I fell asleep for an hour or so while putting the kids to bed and I had a terrible dream. The kind that makes me wish that a) Jung were alive, and b) I knew him well enough to call him and wake him up and ask him to explain it to me. Ugh.

Willow has yet another medical issue to contend with. Since Saturday every time she wakes up her eyes are unfocused. That’s an understatement. They are both turned outward. I think it’s both, it’s hard to tell. Nate had a similar problem which ended up needing surgery. I hope that whatever is causing Willow’s eyes to do this is along those same lines. Not the surgery part, but the part where it is only caused by weak eye muscles and not something I don’t want to think about. (So, of course that’s what I dreamt of.)


I feel stupid complaining since I know that there are so many kids out there with all the scary stuff parents try to not think about. But it has turned into a long string of semi-serious, sorta mysterious ailments and we’d all feel better (especially Willow) if that ended now.

I’m just sayin.

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