Neurotic much?

For all those people who think I am so laid back and unruffleable, here is a list of the things that I’ve been worrying about tonight:

Willow’s misaligned eyes and the doctor’s comment that if things aren’t improved by next week, she’ll need a CT scan Of her brain

The new blood work that has to be done tomorrow to see if Willow has any other immune problems along with her low low IgA count

The van really needs some attention Mechanical and hygenic

I just signed Nate up for preschool at the local highschool (where I graduated from a couple (cough cough) of years back) and it suddenly struck me that I ought to worry about a school shooting happening there while he’s there

I can’t seem to find a spell check tool on the typepad layout and I think errors are being made

1 thought on “Neurotic much?

  1. Mom

    This is your Mother speaking. You are severely sleep deprived. All will be well. Please point out that in the picture in the “bio” section, you are the baby…..and thanks a LOT for reminding me what I look like 40lbs lighter and 30 yrs younger. I love you. We can handle whatever we need to. Now, go to bed!


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