Hey Internets

My step father has been in the hospital since friday, and he and my family could use any positive thoughts, prayers or good wishes you could send.  I’m going to respect his privacy and not give all the details.  I can’t imagine asking someone in the hospital, "Uh, do you mind if I write about this all on my blog?"  Just seems wrong.  But it is serious, and we do love him.

I have to run get Lex from play practice.  Kiss your loved ones, or call them and tell them you love them. 

9 thoughts on “Hey Internets

  1. Lin

    It’s always hard when a loved one is ill, but it just seems compounded when illness and holidays fall at the same time. There’s such joy and anticipation in the air and such fear and sadness in your heart. Courage…have courage. I’m sending all positive vibes and energy your way.

  2. Mom

    I don’t think Jim would mind all your good friends knowing that he’s had a heart attack and that he is going to be having bypass surgery in the next few days. We do appreciate all your good thoughts and prayers.

  3. Jenny

    My Mom-in-law has had a few bypass surgeries. I hope his is as easy going as hers were. (Both times she was home within the week). Well wishes your way.


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