The most responsible hippy

Wow, man.  I just changed the water in the tofu container.


Also, today I learned that if someone puts the beach barbies (Have you met them yet?   They have little tan lines and smell like suntan lotion. Real lotion. Coconutty, not sunblocky.) on top of the heater vent when it is cold and the heat comes on, the house will magically smell tropical.

5 thoughts on “The most responsible hippy

  1. Jamie

    Lol..your my kind of hippi..tofu eating barbie can be in the house kind..Being only 5′ with small boobs at least before kids, I swore I wouldnt allow MY have a barbie..(of course that changed the min she was 2yo and wanted one..haha)All my preconcieved earthy mama raisin’ ideas continued to fly out the window as now she is 9yo STILL with the mysterious blonde hair (hubby and I have dark brown hair)and looks like shes going to have daddy LOOONG legs (hubby is 6’3″).The barbies didnt do near the damage to her ego as I

  2. TitanKT

    I love that tropical coconutty smell… I achieve the same aromatherapy with that when I buy Suave coconut scented stuff like body wash, shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

    The Bath & Body Works coconut, lime, verbena is even more of a tropical vacation in the shower. YUM! Some people don’t like to bathe with the scents of edible things, but phooey on them, I say! Bring on the apple scented stuff! Love it!

    I also have a body spray that smells like citrus and basil. I love it, but at the same time it does occur to me that I might be walking around smelling like a salad.

  3. jenny

    remember that tupperware i was telling you about? Lock and Lock?

    They have a special TOFU tupperware, complete with built in tofu cutter AND mini tray on the bottom to keep the tofu from sitting directly in the water.

    i have one. i think you need one, too!


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