How hard can it be

to get my library books returned on time?  I can renew them online 24/7, yet I owe the library $5.75 because I just couldn’t quite drop off the books or renew them even though I knew stuff was due.  I need an assistant.  Or somebody to plan things for me and just hand me a list everyday. 

I sent Lex to school with this book today.  Yesterday he told his class that jello is made of cow’s hooves and nobody believed him.  They said he was crazy, that jello was made of sugar and food coloring.  So, we looked it up, marked the page, and he’s off to educate everyone.  However, the issue came up at the class sharing feast, so he is under STRICT ORDERS not to hurt the feelings of the boy who brought the jello.  We talked about ways to be informative without saying that jello is gross (but, really, ICK!) and I hope he’ll be successful. 

I need to go get him.  He gets out early on Wednesdays, but Nate doesn’t.  Kind of a bummer with the girls’ naps.  Oh well. 

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