Off line

I haven’t been on line since I last posted.  The days are just slipping by while I try to keep up with the kids and the laundry and the dishes.  I have made nearly 90 felt ornaments and about 50 button magnets.  I started another scarf, which makes me swear a lot since I picked a really fluffy floofy yarn that is too easy to split with the knitting needles.  Thanks for the knitting advice, I’ll try it out tomorrow!

Not too much is going on.  I’ve been babysitting a couple of mornings a week, which is turning out to be a great thing for all of us.  Today the boys took care of themselves, playing in Nate’s room and only coming out for lunch.  Willow has both her ears infected, poor little bug.  She’s had lots of pain and I have even cried with her a couple of times because I know how much ear infections hurt.  I’m keeping her dosed with over the counter stuff.  Didn’t have much luck with warm oil this time.  The boys have field trips and friendship/sharing feasts this week and next.  Today Nate’s class went to the state park where John and I got married.  He had a great time, and told me all sorts of things that he learned.  He even told us a fairly complicated story that the instuctor told the kids.  I was impressed. 

I bought a decent mold for making soap — a set of four connected mini loaf pans from our favorite little dime store place.  I’m going to try out a soap with powdered milk, vanilla and ground coffee.  Maybe some cinnamon, too.  I use a coconut vegetable soap base, melt it and add fragrance, then just pour it into a mold.  The stuff I’ve made in the past hasn’t come out too well, but I picked up a book on clearance at the craft store last year and I’m finally getting it together to try again.  I’m hoping that the texture comes out better because I have about 25 different essential oils that I want to experiment with.  Tangerine peppermint, lemongrass and sage, valerian chamomile. . .

I haven’t read any blogs and I think I’ll go do that before my withdrawl symptoms go from mental to physical!


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