I am handy.

I am capable.

Why can’t I figure out what part I need to order to repair the refrigerator door?  I see the part in the diagram on the parts website, but there’s no labeling or numbers there.  Does that mean I’m SOL?  (What was that crash I just heard?  Hmmm.  No one is crying.  Are they fine, or perhaps unconscious?)  I need to fix the fridge because the gas/electric bill was


this month, and I’m still gasping about it.  It was due today, but sadly, it remains unpaid.  But that’s another story.  The part that’s broken is this little plastic part of the hinge on the bottom of the right hand side door.  It’s a side by side.  So, that door hangs a little low and often is hanging open.  I had no problem locating the handles (35 bucks a piece?  They can stay broken.) or the gasket inside the door that’s tearing (again, too much to replace right now.) but the only available hinge parts seem to be for the top of the door, which aren’t at all like what broke on the bottom.  Maybe we’ll chuck the whole thing and get an old fashioned ice box. 

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