I called the company who makes (that makes??  Hmmm.  It’s people in the company, but the part is probably machine made.  Elayne?) our fridge.  I told her that I couldn’t locate the part I needed in the diagrams I was checking.  There are lots of diagrams to choose from and I was looking at the one that had HINGE in the title, since the broken part is part of a hinge, and I also looked at the diagram that covered the fridge side door and I looked at a couple other ones.  I skipped the one titled, DRAINS AND ROLLERS, because it didn’t seem applicable.  But, there’s the piece I need.  Go figure.  It’s called a shim bottom hinge, and set me back all of fifty cents.  Course, it’s $5.50 to ship the thing, and I still have to install it, but overall much preferable to calling a repair person. 

It’s rainy and windy and several of the small people here are suffering from coughs and green gicky noses.  One of the big ones is sick as well, but he went to work in the outdoors anyhow.  I ought to get the kids fed and dressed and shod so we can go to the grocery store and the bank.  But.  I know they’re getting kooky from being pent up (there’s no school this week) and I fear that they will run wilder than usual at said places.  But.  We are out of coffee filters.  That’s bordering on emergency situation in my book.  I’m drinking caffeinated tea until I can figure out what to do.  Maybe the rain will ease up and we can walk.  If I put Willow in the sling and Sophie in the umbrella stroller, the boys can walk and it shouldn’t be too traumatic. 

The boys are cute today.  They’re hanging out in their room, playing with transformers and writing in some workbooks and dot to dot books I hauled out for the rainy day occasion.  My brother and I had this huge Richard Scary rainy day book that I loved dearly.  Maybe the easter bunny could procure one this year. 

Suppose I ought to go shower and whatnot.  I’d much rather sit here, blog reading and listening to Sigur Ros. 

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