I say, “no, no, no”

I’m having one of those internal battles over my own bedtime.  I know that since the kids are all asleep and I have to get up and get moving in six or so hours, I should go to sleep, too.  It would be the sensible thing to do.  But, there is this big and wide internet keeping me occupied for "five more minutes."

By the way; my kids? they think that five minutes is almost an hour.  Because of all the "We are leaving IN FIVE MINUTES." and "You can watch FIVE MORE MINUTES of teevee."  Totally my fault. 

John is in Los Angeles with friends to see a show. 

Tonight 7pm

Amoeba Music and Raash Records bring to Los Angeles…
Nurse With Wound – in-store signing & performance with Steven
Stapleton, Matt Waldron, Jim Haynes, John Contreras, Hazel Two Twiggs***
and additional guests.Come celebrate United Daries and Raash Records
inaugural release… it’s an enigma!!! More to be revealed as we
countdown the days.

Steve Stapleton invited me to Barcelona.  I should probably give him one of my children or something, but he’s got several of his own.  Maybe (chances are quite slim, though) he hasn’t heard Amy Winehouse yet.  He will love her, capital L, I know.  Instead of a giving him a human or one of my limbs, I could just buy him a cd.

I bought plane tickets today — just for me.  I’m going to Dallas and then Austin for my cousin’s wedding in May.  The very next day, she and her man are moving back to Kenya, which is where they met, though neither of them are Kenyan.  It’s a funny small world; they are both from the great state of Texas.  (I’m from there and it will always be home, even though in a lot of respects, I don’t think it’s so great.  I just always say "the great state of Texas," because I’ve seen too many movies that had Senate scenes.  Or, maybe it’s from watching the national conventions where they vote to see who gets to run for president.  At this point, it just sounds right.  Also — when I go to visit my family, I think there is a chance that one or more of them will discover my blog.  I’m not sure how some of my folks will take my Texas-denouncing (but only sorta in this very post — it hardly counts!) and f-word using and pro-choice blogging, but perhaps they will let me know in the comments.  Won’t that be exciting!)

I’m going to be gone for five days.  I would actually really, really love to bring my family on this trip, but the airfare alone would be $1800, and that’s not any hotel or food or dress shoes.  They’ve got nice enough clothes, but the cute dresses and button down shirts and slacks with Chuck Taylor’s won’t pass.

Oh.  It seems that the battle is over as I am nodding off over my laptop.

***Dude, I introduced her to Steve: if she gets all famous, I totally want a cut.  (Hazel, if you’ve googled your way here, 1) Hi! and 2)  I AM KIDDING!!)   

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