silly me

I thought that as the kids got older I’d have more time to do with as I pleased.  I just keep getting busier (working from home) and busier (working in Sophie’s class once a week) and busier (helping older kids with crazy-complicated homework projects) and busier (going to train to be a girl scout leader soon).

Speaking of busy — must run get girls ready to go out into the world. 

4 thoughts on “silly me

  1. laura

    reminds me of a bit of info my developmental psych prof told me nearly 20 years ago when i was a fresh faced doe eyed young mother to a busy toddler.

    “our children need us mush more when they are adolescents than when they are small.”

    of course i knew so much more in the trenches and harrumphed his opinion….nevermind he was a single father to three daughters…i was the mother of an 18 month old and knew everything there is to know about motherhood. LOL
    fast forward a few years…i am now the mother of a 20 year old and two teenagers, a pre teen and a preschooler with special medical and learning needs and honestly, the bigger kids command more of my time, my energy and my focus than does my munchkin.


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