I’m lucky


that he’s my little brother and she’s his girlfriend.

A couple of days ago I could tell that one of the snakes was going to shed, and I just noticed it did. Knowledge I never expected to possess.

The mama and baby dove are still in the back yard, away from the house and against a fence.

If you are baking cookies and the baking soda is lumpy and you don’t smush it up before the kids measure it and dump it in, it will stay in little lumps even after being beaten by the kitchen aid mixer’s butter paddle and your cookies will be flat, crispy, and chewy. If you always double the vanilla and 1 & 1/2 times the chocolate chips like we do, it won’t matter so much. And if you decide to try and watch what you eat for a couple of weeks after seeing a photo of yourself in a tank top and wondering who that old grey-haired fat lady is with your husband and baby, then making a sandwich out of two of those cookies using peanut butter might just depress you. In my defense, I’ve never done that before and it was just the one. And also, yum.

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