I listen to a local a.m. station sometimes while I drive so I can listen to the news.  They carry the CNN feed, then break to do local coverage every half hour.  Perfect.  Traffic reports, too.  But lately, CNN is thinking it needed some more hipness and has turned into one of those stupid HardCopy kind of shows that made me give up watching tv news a long time ago.  It’s just the worst of the worst straight out of Bowling for Columbine: stay tuned to hear how dangerous your drinking water might be!  are your kids’ schools filled with asbestos???  does your landlord have a hidden camera in your toilet???

Ugh.  That crap just makes me bristle.  My idea of hell is not filled with fire, it’s inescapable Jerry Springer.  ANYWAY  out of habit I sometimes still listen (oh my god, didn’t they figure out how lame they sound yet??) and the reporter was theorizing about cops! on! steroids! when he said something about how dangerous it would be for your law enforcement officer to go on a "roid rage."

And you know that the first thing I thought was WHY??? what would a cop who’s pissed off about his hemorrhoids do????

So.  It’s no secret that money around here is tight.  For the big kids, anyway; the four little ones get everything they need and then some.  I have to confess that I made an impulse buy tonight that I shouldn’t have.  I bought (hi John, how’s the conference?? Having a great time?  Don’t panic; it’s okay!) a photo printer at Target.  I have spent MONTHS looking at ads for the things, biding my time until they came down in price.  And, they so have.  I got an HP Photo printer at Target for 35 dollars.  Of course, our computer is, according to the installation cd, too slow to operate it.  But, that new computer is on the way and soon soon soon I will be printing pictures like this:


from my very own little bedroom office.  Suddenly very sleepy.  Night.

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