This is what John was doing when he went away in December.  He’s in the first couple of shots.  One of my friends was ASTONISHED that I let my husband go off to have fun and leave me with the kids when we were, well, flat broke really and right before Christmas and all that.  But, you know, it was something he needed to go do.  And, I’m sure he’d have gone no matter what I told him.  And what goes around comes around. Heh.

If you aren’t already reading Go Fug Yourself and Manolo’s Shoe Blog, then by all means CLICK!  Especially if you need a good laugh.  The Gallery of the Horrors made me laugh till I snorted.  Not pretty.  Here’s a sample where he’s describing a pair of birkenstocks:

For some of the reason, unknown to the Manolo, this shoe it has the cachet with the bohemians and the pot-smoking hippies of the crunchiness. Indeed, you would have to be high to wear this.

Ack!  I think my computer is dying.  It’s (that’s a contraction for "it has."  can I do that?) taken acid and when I scroll down a page it makes trails that stay there for a minute or two.  Hmmmm.  Bad omen.  It also sort of checks out for a couple of minutes from responding to the mouse, then comes back to me.  I think my brother is getting us a new/used computer soon, very soon! If I go away I’m awaiting the new/used item.  Also, my van keeps (so far twice) stalling while I’m waiting for the light to change.  AND HEY!  Don’t honk at me if I’m not going when the light turns green if I put on my hazards and you notice that I’m trying to start my car.  NOT HELPFUL.  why am I up?  not helpful, either.  Insomnia or no, I should lay down and pretend to sleep.  I’m gonna hate tomorrow, when I take the kids to an evil evil vile indoor play place at 10:30.  Ick.

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  1. Sarcomical

    just wanted to say your kids are super cute and i’m a first-time visitor. i really like your style. i enjoy anyone who can be witty and sarcastic but still write well! i’m bookmarking you and will be back to visit!

  2. Derek

    Actually, no, you’re not supposed to do that. It’s = it is.

    (dot dot dot)

    But only a jackass would tell you that on your own blog, so forget I said anything. 😉


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