John seems to have gotten the camera to work for us again, so here are pictures of the spiders (I want to call one of them Miette, but haven’t named the other) and the fabulous amazing quilt stuff my mom gave me.  Does anyone know what I should do with the diamond sort of shaped strips??  There are 24 pieces in each strip, and I’ll have about eleven strips when I finish sewing the cut pieces.  Enough to make a quilt for our queen sized bed.  Maybe I should work with the circle pieces first, since I think I can figure out what to do with those.  I’m not a quilter, yet, but I love quilts.  When I was photographing the fabric my mouth was watering!










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  1. Mom

    Jen! I’m so happy to see all those little scraps from years of sewing for you and your sisters turned into something fun! Validated that horribly crammed closet! Love the spiders and hope the quilt pieces eventually turn into something. If I ever get to retire, maybe we can work on a quilt together – assuming your children ever grow up!

  2. Jen

    I don’t think I could’ve eyeballed it! It was a pattern by Amy Butler, called Little Daisies Big Nap Pillow that I found at retrodepot fabrics.

    Now I want to make little animals like the ones she’s making over at Little Birds. They are so so cute!

    Maybe I’ll knit a rabbit or bear in the meantime. Much better than dishes and laundry!

  3. Trin

    I’d name the other spider Charlotte, from Charlotte’s Web. It was one of my favourite books as a child.

    It goes nicely with Miette too.:)


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