My sister let me borrow the first season of Six Feet Under.  Yeah, I live under a rock.  I’m so hooked on it that last night when I went to grab the box set thingy and watch (smacks inside of forearm a few times) one more episode before I go to sleep, just one, and it wasn’t there; well!   I totally flipped out.  I nearly had a panic attack and I said all sorts of punishable by no dessert words.  My sister was over earlier that day to babysit, and I thought she’d taken it back.  I may have started to cry.  May. have.  Then, I saw it on a shelf that was higher than the shelf where I’d left it the last time I had my fix.  And I was so so so so so happy.  I watched two episodes and stayed up till nearly 1:30 am.  The end. 

Oh, hell.  I’m going to go watch one more.  I haven’t seen any today, after all.  You know that if the gym had a dvd player hooked up to the treadmill and I could watch there I would weigh four pounds.  But I’m worried because I heard that between the first season and now there was some not as good quality stuff happening.  That’s okay, we all have our flaws.

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  1. shannon

    E and I were absolute addicts to those DVDS – enjoy!

    Thanks for your advice on the gel, Jen, it was something I hadn’t thought about, but a really good point. Just because it’s not admin. through an IV doesn’t mean it’s any less strong! (And I’m already dilating well anyway,it’s the uterus part of this shin dig that won’t cooperate!)

    When our MWs induce, they def. prefer low dose pitocin, so we’ll be talking more about that. I’m going to get an EXACT descirption from high risk US doc today of the position the baby is in, as I know that breaking my water would make it so baby is pretty much stuck in that position if we went with AROM. I just still can’t believe I have NO contractions – craziness!!!!

    I’m hoping that having the midwives, and inducing what is already a big baby will *hopefully) help us avoid a c-section – both of our moms had ’em….. Even getting an epidual towards the very end is something I’m cosidering as a slight postive if baby is realy that big so if there’s a sudden need for a c-section they don’t knock me out. I have a horrible reaction to general anesthesia. Who would have though it would come to pondering these things three days away from 43 weeks. Gah!

    Big hugs from a very big bellied mama!

  2. shannon

    Oh, and re: 6 feet under – once you finish those discs, you can rent the second season at the big movie rental places.

  3. Ashley Evans

    Hey sis! Glad you’re liking those. Let me know and I can bring over the second season on Tuesday. It definitely gets darker, but still good!

  4. kayla

    LOL. I’ve sort of done the same thing with Sex and the City; we don’t have HBO and I’d never seen an episode until I bought a used cassette of the first four episodes at the library sale. I’ve now got the entire first season checked out from the library and can’t wait until I can be left alone long enough to watch it. I thought I was going to feel all superior as my notion that it was complete fluff was confirmed; yes, it is complete fluff, but it’s FUN fluff.


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