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Today after school the kids played on the front lawn for a long time.  They climbed up on the tree stump and play-pushed each other off, jumping and shouting.  They ran in circles and picked handfuls of grass to throw into the wind.  Then they caught crickets and what we call ‘fence bugs’ in jars to feed to the bullfrogs in the aquarium on the front porch.  The four of them were fun to watch, barefoot, clutching my mom’s tiny canning jars, trying to coax the bugs off the fence and into the jars.  Then they would run over to the frog cage, wait for me to lift the lid, and dump in the bugs.  It reminded me of catching bees in old mayo jars, with holes poked in the lid.  I remember putting honeysuckle in for them to eat, and when it was time to release them, squeezing my eyes shut as the lid came off, praying I wouldn’t get stung.  They need more days like that.  Days where they play outside sort of aimlessly and then come in for chocolate chip cookies and milk.

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  1. John

    Hey! I finally made it to a computer. I’m glad you’re at least having a few moments of relatively stress-free outdoor play time. I’m glad that the frogs are being so well cared-for too. Thank the kids for me. I love you and miss you. The kids too.


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