check those pockets

In the pocket of Lexy’s shorts that just went into the washer (luckily I remembered to check first):

  • a dime
  • a rainbow-striped crayon
  • an unopened package of fancy ketchup
  • a tootsie-pop wrapper
  • an empty plastic baggie
  • a roughly four foot long strip of yellow "caution" tape

And to think, I almost washed all that stuff with my Fussy shirt!!  The horror!

We are going to a little girl’s tea party birthday gig tomorrow at the park.  Foolish woman that I am, I am making part of the gift.  If it turns out like I hope, it’s going to be pretty damn cute.  It’s a stuffed (like a pillow, but small) tree, made from green and white gingham (yeah, for the leaves) and part of a pair of Nate’s old brown cords (for the trunk).  I’m going to sew red buttons on it for apples.  It’s going to be given with some store bought little puppets; an owl and raccoon.  I don’t even know these people.  Do I craft like this for my own kids?  NO, I do not.  Know why?  They take shitty care of their stuff and it would pain me greatly to watch my work get scribbled on, dropped in the bath, and left outside in the mud.  Their mother needs to set them straight.

I’ve been watching the clock since 2:26, counting down the hours until bedtime.  That’s sad.  The girls and I did have fun.  We sat on the front step and I painted their toe and fingernails.  Willow is new to manicures and pedicures, and she kept telling me to put the sparkly nail polish on her arm and hand and legs.  She didn’t sit still during the recommended drying time, but she was a champ at huffing on her fingers to dry them.

Well, after all that clock watching, it is FINALLY time to put them into the bath.  Bedtime is soon to come, followed by sewing time.  My exciting saturday night!  woohoo

5 thoughts on “check those pockets

  1. jess

    Wow! You’re motivated – you see that would put into question our separation at birth. I am not crafty – at all, but, i really respect and envy those that are.

    Have fun at the party.

  2. still life

    I can’t believe that your site actually memorized my information. I am making progress, in this world of blogging.
    What a great way to start your post, you should have to start each post with a list of everything from your children’s pockets.


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