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Yesterday Lexy took the stage as the big bad wolf. He did pretty well, even though he had to be prompted for a few of his lines. At least he wasn’t compulsively picking his nose like the boy who played one of the frogs. John’s mom came and gave me a ride to the show. Our van is d.o.a. in the driveway. We’ll have it towed to the mechanic today. I think it needs a new starter. Anyhoo, after the show, John’s mom took Lexy and me to my mom’s where we met John and the remaining kids. They walked from our house to hers since a) not everyone fits in John’s car, and b) Willow has another ear infection and needed a little extra distracting while the milk truck was away.

At my mom’s we ate the horrible dry cake that I made. In my defense, it would have been a lovely cake had I not stored it in the fridge to keep the buttercream frosting from sliding out of it’s funny little picture of a stage door with a star with Lexy’s name in cursive across it. I try, ya know?

We left my mom’s and walked home by way of the ice cream shop. It was a lovely walk and gave us a chance to look at the yards we usually drive past. There were lots of pretty ones and that’s always inspiring. So when we got home I put Willow down for a nap, changed into some shorts and a sleeveless shirt, poured myself a big cup of coffee and weeded the patch under the mailbox where the weeds were trying to choke out the poppies that came back from last year. It was a wonderful feeling to sit outside, alone, and pull weeds. The sun was still shining, but the cool breeze made the weather just perfect. I thought, while sipping my coffee, how relaxing it all was. That lasted for about forty five seconds before Sophie woke Willow up and everyone joined me outside. John took care of the front lawn and the screaming Sophie who was supremely pissed off because she couldn’t play in the street. I held Willow and weeded. It was still fun. The boys even came out and helped rake and pull weeds.

Today we will take care of the van and do our weekly grocery shop. That means I should go sit with the cookbooks and plot my little plan for the week. I am so proud of myself for planning meals. It really helps me stay on top of the dinner work. I get a lot of the prep work done during Willow’s nap in the morning, so the evening is a little less hectic. But just a little.

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  1. deb

    I try to plan the menu for the week but it rarely happens. You should post yours so that we can all be inspired! Either that or just use your plan and call it our own :).


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