Not me

So here I was, reading Chez Miscarriage and eating my kugel, when I hear the sound of somebody peeing. The bad kind of sound of somebody peeing. The kind that tells me that the toilet is not involved and it is time to find some towels and the fabulous spray cleaner I bought from that woman who came door to door. I get as far as the hall and there is Lexy, pulling up his pants. I said, “Accck!!! You peed all over the floor!” He looked right at me and said, “I DIDN’T DO IT” and then pulled up his pjs and went back to bed. I got to clean the carpet and the wall, how icky, huh? Then I put the exersaucer outside (after I wiped it down) because he peed all over that, too. There were puddles where my girls used to put their snacks while they played. How sad. It was only there because we need to sell or donate it and it’s somewhat out of the way there since our hall is sort of square in front of the doors to the kids’ rooms.

Guess he got the best April Fool of the day. I’ll have to remember to tell him about it in the morning.

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  1. shannon

    That certainly did take the April Fool’s Day Cake! I’m swearing by our BIssel hand held carpet cleaner – it is proving it’s worth every day with the puppy and her inevitbable accidents!


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