later that same evening. . .


Ashley at the San Francisco Zoo in November of 1983.

Now Nate is awake and I think John is home. This is crazy. I need to sleep!!! Nate has school tomorrow so I have to not only get up, but I have to get out. I think I’m tired enough to sleep through the whining. I’ll go try again.

2 thoughts on “later that same evening. . .

  1. deb

    I made the pinto bean-avacado salad and wanted to tell you thank you for the recipe! I changed a few things, like having half black beans, half pinto, but it was REALLY good.

  2. Monica C.

    I just wanted to say a quick hello and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your writing. I think I found you through Blogging Mommies. I can barely remember, since I initially found you last week, but have spent some time reading through your archives.

    Hats off to you for being such a great mama to your 4 children! I’m sure I’ll reflect on all that you do, in the coming weeks & months (I’m expecting Baby #2 in a few weeks and I’m pretty terrified about juggling it all!).

    Monica C.


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